A Breakfast Tea Hour


Hello everyone!

Today we are going to be looking at having a tea hour at breakfast. I know for most having a afternoon tea is unrealistic for most of us  since we all have demanding jobs. However, there is a way that this can be solved. As I have been really busy with work and have started to miss my afternoon tea, I thought  why not start the day with a tea hour. Our afternoons are not guaranteed to be free from duty, but when and how we wake up can be entirely up to ourselves.

So here are my ideas for you to start having a breakfast tea hour.

I like to wake up nice and early. Naturally, I am a morning person. I get so much inspiration and have so much more energy in the early morning than I do in the  afternoon and evening.  If waking up is hard for you, then try to have everything prepared the evening before.  Have the kettle out and ready to be filled along with what tea you will brew. Also prepare your breakfast. If you want pancakes, make the batter the night before, and they will be a sinch to whip up. Or make some fresh scones put them in  the fridge and just heat up in the morning. Once you know what you will drink and eat, then prepare the place you will take you breakfast. If you have a breakfast nook, make sure it is clean and clear of any clutter ( not pleasant to look at or think  about first thing in the morning) and put out your favorite tea ware, cloths, and napkin. Have a pretty centerpiece with fresh flowers.  Now when you partake your breakfast, you will feel like a princess.

Now, when you wake you should be able to enjoy an hour to yourself. Put on some music or listen to an audio book, and awaken you senses. Take this time to also plan your day. Our day always runs smoothly if we take the time to plan and coordinate what we want to do.   Then just enjoy the peace and stillness of the world before the demands and the hetic routine of work, housework, kids, and everything else in-between calls our attention.

Taking this hour in the morning will make you want to enjoy what you love. Perhaps smelling the flowers before heading to the office or taking the time to reach out to your friends. Life is so short, so why rush? Take the time to enjoy what you love to do, as today is all we have, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is uncertain.

Have a great weekend,