How to Have a Great Relaxing Hour

   It is the summer months now and what is on many people’s minds is summer vacation. However, if you don’t have time or have lack of funds to go on a vacation (both in my case) then how can you take a vacation?
Well tune in to this post, as I will share how you can have a relaxing hour that will make you refresh and ready to tackle your next project.
As I have made quite an expensive purchase recently, ( I got a harp that I have been dreaming about for years) I don’t have extra money or time to have a full on vacation. But you don’t need to be on vacation to have a carefree mindset. You can do it an hour everyday and reap wonderful benefits. So let’s start with tip number one.
1. Make time for a relaxing afternoon. Now I know not everyone, including myself can adhere to having an hour to themselves every afternoon, but for those who can make an effort to block out an hour. For some this will mean to get up earlier, go to work earlier, and get work done earlier. Although it might seem unreal and a sacrafice, make the afternoon something to look forward to, which brings me to my next tip.
2. Plan a fun afternoon. You don’t always have to stay at home to have your tea hour. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be about tea. You can scheule a yoga class, and meet up for a tea aftewards. The point is to make is something special that will make you want to get your work done early so you can enjoy your special afternoon treat. For me it is coming home and making myself a nice cup of tea in my favorite teaware and making something delicious, such as scones, cookies, and most recently breakfast bars. This is how I relax and think about upcoming blog post ideas, recipes, and what I want from the blog in the future. Sometimes just having a nice afternoon doing something different will make you ready to tackle your next project.
3. Get your family and friends involved. Make this relaxing hour a family and friend affair. Everyone needs to have an hour to unwind from the day’s work. Work will be with us all our lives, but our friends and family won’t be. So we also need to make socializing with the ones we love most a proirity. We don’t know how long any of us have on earth, so we must make every moment count.

I hope that these tips are helpful you.  If you have any other ideas of how to take a relaxing hour, then let me know in the comments.

Have a great weekend,