Tea and Meditation

Meditation is an important aspect of life.  Many People fail to realize the value in meditating.
I know that meditating helps me relax and keeps me at peace, especially when I am really busy.

I find that once I am settled for my afternoon tea, it is the perfect time to meditate. I like to have the quiet time to think about my day, or to read some scripture, or works such as Samuel Rutherford’s Letter’s which have been complied into a book called, The Loveliness of Christ  These books help me focus on what is truly important.

When I  take this time of quiet reflection, it really  helps me see the big picture of life.  There are many times when I fail to realize what a blessing it is to be alive in the day to day demands of life.  Thus, taking this time in the afternoon has helped me appreciate the beauty around me, and not be so absorbed in work.

I hope you also will find some enjoyment in meditation. Some works I recommend is reading selections of scripture, such as Proverbs. Also Samuel Rutherford’s book is a really pretty and also good for reflecting on what it is to really live a Godly and Pure life. One last recommendation is The Valley of Vision which is a collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions.

Have a lovely  reflection time and God Bless!