Lessons in Tea Etiquette

Hello again!

We are going to start some lessons in tea etiquette, as in how to serve tea, proper table manners, how to properly eat a scone, etc.

So today, we will start with tea serving.  The necessary tea equipment should be arranged on the table before the guests arrive. The tea pot should have freshly boiled water with the tea of choice already shimmering in it. The cream and sugar should be filled and likewise cups and saucers should be out by each persons’ seat.

When the guests arrive, and pleasantries have been exchanged, the hostess should seat her guests and ask if they care for a cup of tea. Be careful in pouring the tea, don’t pour exactly to the brim, as you need some extra space for the cream,  After  pouring the tea, ask the guest if they want any cream or sugar. Once done, pass them the tea cup.

Continue doing this until all guests are served. Then pass scones and cake around.
The conversation during this time should be light and pleasant, consisting of general toipics. This is a time of enjoying fellowship with on another.

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first picture is from  Interior Design blog http://www.minimalisti.com/dining-room/01/table-runner-ideas-fresh-table-decor.html

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