Being Thankful

Hello again!
This past week I was thinking of starting another series of reflection every Monday. However, since I had to work on Monday, this week, I am doing the reflection today.

Since the past week was Thanksgiving, I thought it would only be appropriate to do a reflection on being thankful.

So often we are so absorbed in what we are doing and pursuing that we forget to be thankful for what we already have. This is why I believe that we need to be more aware of what we do have, and really count on our blessings.  I felt this very keenly when I went to work after thanksgiving dinner and I saw that  people were already shopping for deals.  It made me wonder if I am truly thankful for everything, or am I forgetful of  what I already have when pressed with great deals.

The holiday of Thanksgiving was established hundreds of years ago to be thankful for the harvest that the pilgrims finally had thanks to the help of the Indians. It was a year of true prosperity, when in previous years many pilgrims lost their lives to starvation and disease. Unfortunately today, I believe many people forget the true meaning of thanksgiving, and see it just as a holiday with family, with good food and the excitement of doing shopping later.

Thus, in light of all of this, I think that we need to be more thankful, and not just be thankful for one day of the year, but be continually be reminded that we really are rich beyond measure compared to many other countries whose people are threaten and abused.  We must always be thankful.