A Cup of Tea with You


Starting every Friday I will post a new poem for your tea hour.

Today’s poem is called  “A Cup of Tea with You” by  Geetha Jayakymur 

Though the happiness were spilling from your deep eyes
But it was arising from the hot steam of tea that you poured.

I could feel the beautiful aroma that touched my heart.
It seemed that you added few dews of love to the tea
that gave a touching flavour to it

Were you spilling tea from the cup? 
Or were you spilling love from your heart? 
I just went on looking you in wonder
When you poured half the tea on tray instead of cup.

Were you adding sweetness to my heart? 
Or were you adding sugar to tea? 
Did wonder me as well, 
Instead of a spoonful sugar, you just added four spoons only.
Really the sweetness of the tea was not less than your piercing eyes
Which went storming across my heart.

Before you took the milk pot, I took and added it
As you will add double milk
One will wonder whether its the tea or coffee you are going to serve.

Finally tea was ready to be served
Beautiful aroma of tea were lingering with your smile and love
That flavour were sensed deep down my heart.

A kind of uneasiness gripped me
And the tray with dear tea fell down from your hand.

Neither I, nor you had tea
But your naughty smiles did offer me tea
Looking into each others eyes we drank tea….

© 2014

poem found at http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/a-cup-of-tea-with-you/