On Being Content

Hello again!

This Monday’s reflection is on being content. In this day and age where there are commercials and advertisements of all sorts attracting attention, it is nearly impossible to be content with what we have currently.

I know this is very true of myself. There are numerous things that I want but do not have the means to pay. Although I try to be satisfied of what I have, it is hard to pass by something that you have always wanted, or believe would help you achieve the perfect life you want or crave.

This is why we need to practice  the virtue of contentment, especially during this season when people spend the most money. I know this is hard to do and I struggle with it everyday. However, I am finding it is beginning to get easier.  Though I have never had the problem of impulsive buying, I do find it hard to search for things I want and not be tempted to spend more money than I can afford.

Here are a few tips to help you practice contentment for yourselves that have really helped me not to spend money that I don’t have on my limited income.

1. Ask yourself if you really need that item that you want to buy. Sometimes it helps me to wait until I buy something just to see if I really need it, or if I just want it for the pleasure of buying it.

2. Research.
Just because it is one price at one store, doesn’t mean that it is that price everywhere. Also be sure to research different items of the same category. You may find something similar that you like much better and at a cheaper price.

3. Know what you really want.
Sometime for me I want something because it looks trendy and popular. I don’t really want it, just the image it will make me appear to be. Usually, I never buy anything in this state of mind, because when I wake the next morning the desire is gone. If you have this problem definitely wait. Only you know what is best for yourself, don’t let culture and advertisements tell you otherwise.

4.  If you absolutely want that item, the best thing is to wait.  I know this is the hardest part, but wait until it goes on sale. I did this just recently with a dress that I absolutely loved. Several times I was tempted to pay full price for it, but I waited. And it paid off when it went on sale for black Friday. Remember, “The best things come to those who wait.”

5. Glance away from the images from you screen and look at what you already have. I know I do this several times when I have been tempted to buy something.  Once I do this, I usually think to myself that I have so much already, that I don’t need anymore, close the window and have some quiet time to reflect and thank God at how much I have been given.

6. Give more. You may be surprised but giving actually helps being content and brings pleasure at the same time. I have always loved giving and when I find how much pleasure it gives me it helps me be content, and give pleasure to others instead of myself.

Alright, I hope this reflection and tips on being content helped you and I shall see you soon.