Sweet Cuppa Tea

Today for Poetry Friday we will look at a poem written by  Countess Arditezza.


Sweet Cuppa Teadownload (14)Elettaria, lit by the new morning sun

Checked in on her sister, the sweet Amomum
Her time was closing, she knew from her dream
The paper thin pod, was tearing at it's seam
Smiling, she glanced at her new siblings below
Flowering, emerging as they sway to and fro
Their fragrance grew as the sun it did rise
But nary a one feared of their impending demise
And the farmer did come, with his fledgling behind
Each swinging their sword as the sisters combined
Fell together in a bushel, their purpose became
The Asian spice cardamom, I think was the name

Don't shed a tear when a burst bubble in your chai
 Fills the air with it's scent, they are saying goodbye.
Copyright © 2015 Countess Arditezza