To Follow Your Dreams

For our reflection topic today for your Tea Hour, ( since I wasn’t able to do it yesterday as I worked late). I’d thought we do something about dreams and pursuing them. I know that there are many people who do have dreams, but do not know how to put them into plans.

I know that I do not have all the answers, even I am working on how to pursue my dreams, finding how to live life fulfillingly. However, as this is a reflection, one doesn’t have to have the answers.

So,to start, let me tell you my dreams.

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of opening a tea shop, and have beautiful tea sets and tea sampling for people to try. I would also sell tea pastries to go along with the teas. Then while everyone is eating and enjoying themselves, I would play soft background music with the harp (That is if I can ever save enough money to buy a harp and learn how to play it!)

My other dream is to be an author, as I have loved writing ever since I was little.  It is my hope to inspire others as many other author’s have inspired me to write.

Alright, that is enough about me and my dreams.

I just want to say that in order to follow your dreams you must be doers. You can dream all you want about how your book will look like when it is published, but unless you have written it, it is and will continue to be a dream and not reality.

That is why I am working, saving up money so that I can one day open my shop, and writing this blog, as  well as writing every day.

If you want your dream badly enough, you must be willing to work for it.  Think about ballet dancers and musicians. In essence it takes them their whole childhood to be able to preform and even after they have achieved their dreams they still must dedicate themselves to their craft. That  is what it takes to make your dream your reality,

So, dear readers, what are your dreams, and how will you follow them?