The Tea Pot and the Kettle

Here is a poem for your tea time. Enjoy!
The Teapot and the Kettle
The teapot said to the kettle
Ooh how I wish I was you now
you haven’t won any meddles
for class but you’re better somehow
You boil water for anything
My life’s about holding some tea
I find it’s no longer fulfilling
and I think that something is wrong with me
I used to love serving my tea
Learned how to sit most elegantly
In the cupboard, I worked on my pose
Now I slouch, albeit carefully
I think I might be a closet kettle
Don’t know how to come out to my owner
You see I don’t have the mettle,
It wasn’t built in me back in China
I can’t believe it! said Bettie the Kettle
All of this time I’ve been jealous of you!
Your class, your part time work you looked settled
So let’s speak to her see, I want a swap too!!
– Akia