Six Unusual Tea Flavors

In today’s post, we are going to be looking at six unusual and unique tea flavors, that you probably haven’t tried before. These teas take a unique spin on the classic tea blends.

autumn-mood-1229981_1920So let’s get started.

First tea up is Kombucha Tea

This  fermented tea is made of tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast. Yes, very interesting combination!  In resent years this tea has become quite the rage. Accordingly, there is quite a debate to the health benefits of this tea. There are claims that is can aid PMS symptoms, joint pain, constipation, and even cancer prevention.  Nevertheless, there are many doctors that say to stay away from Kombucha Tea. Recently Dr. Brent A. Baucer of Mayo clinic in Rochester stated,  “Because there are no studies documenting that (Kombucha Tea) has provided a specific benefit, and because there are at least a few people being harmed by it, I tell my patients to steer clear.”  Taking a taste of this interesting tea is very much up to the individual

Vegetable teas

These teas are a mix of a traditional tea and a vegetable soup. Numi, an organic manufacture, produces a box of what they refer as savory teas. These teas include such flavors as Broccoli Cilantro, Carrot Curry, and Tomato Mint. These teas taste exactly as they are described. Numi states, “These satiating veggie-spice tea blends are rich in flavor, yet light enough to enjoy any time of day.”

Panda Tea

This tea is beyond interesting, it can also be a little revolting. With a little research, you will discover that this tea is actually made from the fences of China’s beloved Panda.  Yanshi,  invented this tea at the Sichuan University. He considered himself a Panda enthusiasts.  The tea is made from the green tea leaves which have been fertilized by the poop of the panda. Yanshi says since Pandas do not digest the food well that their fences are rich in nutrients. This tea can sell for a least $150 a pound.

Labrador Tea

The leaves of evergreen shrubs that grow in Novia Scotia produce this tea. The leaves have been used for centuries to make tea to sooth and treat various ailments such as severe coughs and infections diseases like leprosy and dysentery. Nevertheless, this tea should be drunk with caution, as it has some narcotic properties. Heavy doses or many cups will make you intoxicated.

Wine Inspired Teas

red-wine-1369425_1920Thankfully, these teas won’t make you drunk and are totally worth trying. Vintage tea works  created their wine inspired teas to give traditional tea drinking a twist. From their website they state, “We want people to enjoy life, have fun and flirt a little with their wild side. We wanted to take the seriousness and contemplative feeling that is generally around when people think about tea. Tea is fun and social. No pomp and circumstance here- just good tea and connection.”

And the last tea is Pu-erh Tea

This tea, which was discovered in the Yunman, providence of China,is named after a town that was the most popular for Pu-erh tea trade. The process for this tea is the same as all others, the tea leaves are picked and dried. However, instead of putting the dried leaves into tea bags as in other teas, this tea is packed into brick or melon shapes and left to ferment and age.  As a result, this tea has lower antioxidants than other teas. Nevertheless , there are still health benefits in drinking this tea, such as reducing bad cholesterol and prompting good cholesterol.

I hope you had fun reading about these unusual tea flavors, and I will see you in the next post,


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