Being Brave


Since I wasn’t able to post this reflection post yesterday, I am going to be posting it today.  Also, I apologize for the lack of reflection posts. Its is not that I have ran out of ideas, it is just that I am really busy, and it takes time for me to think and put my thoughts together coherently.  Hopefully, I will be able to continue the schedule of these reflection posts.

board-939244_1920So for today’s reflection, is on being brave. Sometimes, if we want to accomplish something, or gain a new experience we need to be brave. I know this for myself. When I first thought of blogging, I was quite excited to do it. However, the thought of total strangers reading my posts terrified me at first.  I had to beat my fear, be brave, and unleash my passion. Yes, it was scary at first.

I vividly remember my first blog post, not even on this website, but another one that I had created on Blogger, and having it on private for at least two weeks, before I could muster the courage to publish it to the world.  Now of course, blogging has become part of my everyday life, and I enjoy writing to inform  you all.

Perhaps you need to have bravery to pursue your dreams. Sure, anything that is new is scary at first. But unless you step outside of your comfort zone, you will never know if  you will like it or not.  A recent  example of being brave for myself is attending a choir rehearsal for the church I am attending. Now I used to be in their youth choir for five years, and loved it. However, when I was sixteen we changed churches, and I had to quit the choir. Now six years later, my sisters and I decided to attend the chancel choir rehearsal for the first time. Yes,  it was rather intimidating after all these years off, but I throughly enjoyed it, and am now joining the choir.

So, my challenge to you, dear readers is to be brave and chase those dreams and experiences that you crave. The worst thing that can happen is to miss the opportunity because you were too fearful. Take baby steps, and you will find that it will become more easier each time.

Have a happy Tuesday,



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