Tea Set Review

A while back, I got myself a new tea set. It was actually for my birthday back in March, but it took so long to arrive, as it was shipped all the way from China. I didn’t get my tea set until  nearly the end of April.  When it arrived,  I haven’t had  the time to actually do a detailed review.

So tune in, and maybe this tea set will be your favorite for your afternoon tea.

I found this tea set on Amazon. com by a seller called Ufingo. This tea set is hand-painted porcelain.  In fact this tea set is more of a coffee set. The cups resemble mugs, and do not come with saucers. I thought this would be a great set for a party or gathering, so I have one for tea and one for coffee drinkers. A win-win.

I little about the shipping before I get into the review of the set itself. As mentioned before, this tea set took a long time in coming. It was almost a month before it arrived.  And just like anyone else, I was known to check on the doorstep everyday to see if it had arrived.  When it did arrived, all of the pieces were in great condition except for the tray everything sits on. The handle and the feet on one side broke in half.  As soon as I found it had broken, I immediately contacted the seller, as they said they would give replacements if anything broke during shipment, which is really nice.  So again I had to wait for that to arrive.

Now onto the review of the tea set. The set is a beautiful light cream with painted flowers and intricate gold ground the edges. The set also comes with spoons in the same pattern as the set, which I believe is a lovely detail. I also love the the shape of the mugs. They are not to  small, and hold enough tea so you don’t have to keep refilling it.

This is a great coffee or tea set that will add to your collection and be perfect to your hosting needs.

So, I am nearly complete in my collection of tea sets. I have an English tea set, a coffee tea set, and now only need a demitasse tea set.

I hope this tea review was helpful to you, and have a great day.


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