Tea Review June Edition

Well, it is time to do that tea review that I promised to do a month ago.

Starting with the first tea.

   The Tazo  Gingerly Jasmine Tea is wonderful. I love the flavor. It is delicately mixed so you don’t have too much of either, but there is the spice of the ginger after.  This is a perfect tea to come home after a long day and just relax. I really enjoy putting this tea in one of my favorite tea cups with a little bit of honey and just sip it after dinner.  However, one thing I have noticed that when drinking this tea, you must allow the tea bag to completely dry out, as not doing so will allow it to grow mold.  I noticed this discovery when only a few hours after I had the tea, (about six hours to be exact) with all the tea gone, mold had grown. If I know I am going to have tea some hours later, I usually use the same cup and bag  with no problems. Nevertheless, I have only experienced this problem once, so it might have been a faulty tea bag.  So just use caution, and if you notice any mold in your tea, do not continue drinking it.


 The second tea,

The Green Tea  Blueberry Slim Life, is also a great tea. I love drinking this tea when I have to be up early for work.  It doesn’t have too much caffeine, so I am not jittery, but enough that I am alert and wide- awake in a few minutes. I would recommend this tea to anyone who is trying to lose weight or cut back on caffeine.  The flavor is very pleasant with a mild hint of blueberries to the classic taste of green tea.  This tea will make the perfect addition to your morning tea hour.

Well, those are my tea reviews for June. I hope you found this tea review helpful, and will certainly try out these teas for you future tea hour.

Have a lovely day,