March Reflection: The threat of Busyiness

      It has been a while since I wrote a reflection. I have many thoughts for reflections, but usually not enough for a proper post. However, this has been on my mind lately.

Sometimes, we become too engrossed in our work, we forget what we truly want to do and what makes us happy. This is especially true if you are doing a job that  you don’t particulary enjoy. We sometimes get the first job that we can simply because of the fact that we have bills to pay. However, this first job or many jobs do not bring extreme happiness, or anywhere close to our dream job. So we think we must stay in a constant state of busyiness. Even if it is not real busyness. By this, I mean getting sucked into non-essential tasks that get us frustrated or stressed. For instance, trying to get a perfect photo for your blog, when you haven’t actually written the blog post yet, and getting super discouraged and stressed about it. Another example is, having this idea that you must have zero item inbox and spend hours and hours on your emails than doing your massive to-do list. Believe me, I have been guilty of doing seeming busy tasks, but not actual important work.

So, some questions to ask ourselves, if the activity we are doing is really benefitual to our future plans. Sometimes the most trying and trival things that we try to do and get frustrated over, are not the things that will drive our dreams and goals. I try to eliminate must busy work as possible and focus on the true things that matter. These can be spending too much time agonizing over what is the best way to clean the smelly dishwasher, when in reality just get some gloves, vingar, baking soda, and some soap and start scrubbing.  How often do you try to do as much research as possible before actually doing the hard work? I am definatly one of those that like to research a lot before just knuckling down and getting the task done.  Our aim in this is perfection, but realizing that perfectionism doesn’t exist can put things into perspective.  We don’t fail, we learn and grow. But we cannot learn and grow if we are afraid to try or are too busy doing trival things that we don’t have the time to do the things that are really important.

So l challenge you to start thinking out the things that you do everyday and take the time to eliminate any busy work that is hindering you from your overall goal. Now have your hour of tea to ponder what you can do to achieve your dreams and go for them.

Have a great day,