My Favorite Tea things

I have a very special post today.
I am going to show and tell what are my very favorite tea things and accessories.

We will start with tea sets.

I have three tea sets that I absolutely love. I will include a fourth one,  but sadly, the tea pot cracked, and though I glued it back together, I am very afraid of using it.  Here is a picture of the said tea set before the teapot cracked. 





So the first one is the first tea set that I ever got, which is the  Felicity tea set from American girl. I  received this tea set as a birthday present when I turned thirteen. I love the colonial look to this tea set, and although it is small, the tea pot  hold about four cups of tea.  I usually get this tea set out when  it is just me. as I don’t have to worry about it using too much space on my small desk.

The next tea set is the one I got and blogged about a few years ago, my English tea set.  

It is a great tea set to have for company. When my sister and I are off together, this is the tea set we reach for, because it just holds a little more tea than the Felicity one.

The second tea set is the last one I got. It is kind of a tea set and coffee set in one.

I am always the one that likes to be super prepared when it comes to entertaining. If any of my guests like coffee, then I have a perfect coffee station for them. I haven’t used the coffee stand and mugs, as I am not a coffee person, but I have used the tea set a couple of times. Again, if it is just me, then I like to use something really small. 


Now we are done with tea sets, I am looking for even a smaller one, other than my felicity tea set so I can have a bit of variety, but now we are going to  linens and tea utensils.



The utensils I have are these little silver spoons, which are absolutely lovely. My mother got them for a tea party, but we never used them and she just gave them to my sister and I to keep.  I also have a case of gorgeous silver, which I will use for company.  




I don’t have many tea linens yet.  I  have a couple of tea tatted dollies that I received from friends sweet sixteen birthday parties which I use to decorate the tea tray. I also have a little collection of handkerchiefs, but I don’t have any tea napkins of my own yet. 

I really enjoyed sharing some of my favorite tea things. And I hope I inspired some of you to relax and enjoy an hour of tea.

As always, have a great weekend,