How to Manage Life Well

Are you like me who feel like there is always something that you are forgetting to do that is important? Or do you feel like you are doing a million different things, but are getting nowhere? You look at other people and wonder, how do they have it all together?

The answer is so simple that most of us just brush it off, but the truth still rings. They manage their life. They don’t wait for the perfect moment or opportunity, they make everyday the perfect moment and opportunity. In essence, people that are successful don’t wait until such and such or so and so happens. They get up and do everything in their power to get what they want. So life managed well really goes down to how to plan and prepare for life.

I know we all have our so called “Jonah days” where nothing goes right and we feel that the world and everything is against us. And life is like that, we have our good spells, then a bad spell. But those who manage life well learn to take those ‘Jonah days” to their advantage as building blocks for the future.

However, we must keep in mind that life managed well is different for each person. For some it may be having a good plan and writing things of importance in a planner. For others, although they have a sense of what they want, they are ready and able to go with whatever spontaneous change of events happen. Whatever is your cup of tea, we all must have these tips.

Well, after some trial and error, I have found some tips that will help you all manage life well. So get all cozy and enjoy this semi-reflection post for May.

Be organized

The most important point in living life well is organization. Being organized makes you more aware of what you need to do, what needs to get done, and ultimately what you want to get out of the day, the week, or the month. If you are struggling in being organized, there are plenty of Youtube videos on the topic as well as personal enrichment courses. I have taken several, and now know how to actually use a planner to my advantage and plan several months in advance of what I want to accomplish.

Have a routine

Once you know the basics of personal organization, now it is time to have a routine. I know there will be times that a specific routine won’t work, but it is important to understand what you want to get out of everyday, and what little things you can do to achieve your goals. For me, as I am working on a trilogy and another writing project ( the reason that I haven’t been posting as regularly) this means I need to have a specific writing time set everyday so that I can make these projects a reality. Since I am a morning person, I usually like to start writing at 7:00 in the morning. But your routine can look different. Just make sure you make your routine specific to you, that makes you happy, creative, and productive.

My morning routine on a daily basis goes like this:

6:00 wake up

6:05 stretching and light exercise

6:30 Breakfast and check emails

7:00 writing

9:00 play instrument

11:00- onwards, chores, errands, work, other activities

As you can see from my morning routine, I have tailored it to fit what I feel is important to me. When I wake up I feel energized and ready to tackle the actives that I know will help me reach my goals.

Avoid distractions

The key thing to accomplish anything in life is to avoid distractions. We all know what they are, Youtube, facebook, twitter, surfing the net, online games. To me distractions are anything that are taking up the time I could be doing something productive.

Even I have my days where it is hard to stay focused. Perhaps I am too tired from getting too little sleep from the night before because of my retail job, or I am just unmotivated. We all have our down days, and our mental health is just as important as our physical health. But turning off distractions and really getting into why you are doing this particular activity will help you overcome the need to be distracted.

Sometimes for me all it takes for me to watch an inspiring movie or listen to a track of music, then I remember why I am working so hard on my project. You know that fuzzy feeling when you are working on something that you love and are passionate about? This is really helpful to remember when you find that you are distracted and bring you back into focus.

Create a Goal or Dream Journal

Correlating to the last tips, writing down your goals and dreams can really inspire you to take the steps needed to achieve them. Perhaps you want to be a photographer, but don’t know a thing about it except doing it unconsciously with your iPhone. You can then write down the steps that you need to take to get serious about your hobby. Maybe it is researching free online classes, asking a friend who is a photographer for some guidance and tips. In doing this, you are creating a road map.

I just was inspired to create an another journal that is separate from my daily journal in which I write down all my goals and dreams. These dreams can be fantasy or realistic, but the key is here is to unlock the inspiration. Why do you have such specific dreams? Why do you talk so passionately about a specific hobby or interest? In writing these things down, you may find a pattern, in which can be eye-opening, and potentially help you create a road map of what you need to do in order to accomplish this dream. Be as specific as possible in what time is needed to accomplish this dream, why is it important, what will you gain from it, and lastly, how will you grow as a person.

It is often helpful as well to refer to your dream journal every now and again when you feel unmotivated and distracted. It will help you to bring your focus and drive back. I mean it is hard to pass up the passion that you wrote there some time ago.

Be spontaneous: Don’t be afraid to have an open mind

I know this sounds weird, but hear me out. Sometimes we get so stuck to our routine that we fail to do something in a moment. Sure, life is about being productive and learning, but sometimes the best moments in life are when we chose to deviate away from our routine to try something new and exciting. We don’t want to feel like we can’t get anything done without our routine, or feel that we can’t do something unique and special because we have to stick to our so-called productive routine. Sometimes, being spontaneous is just the thing we need to shake ourselves up and to realize what we are missing. As I always say, life is short, so don’t feel like you need to have permission to do something special. Do it now, today, this moment.

I hope these tips were helpful in living life well. If have any additional tips or thoughts, feel free to leave them in the comments. Remember that you are worthy, and that you will be able to accomplish your goals, one step and day at a time.

Have a great weekend,


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