New Series: How to Clean


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Welcome Back!

I have been keeping quiet as my second installment in my book series is taking much longer than I expected. But I have come up with some exciting new series that will get started in the next few weeks.

I love cleaning. It has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I was always the one to be cleaning up after my siblings. 

So I thought it was about time to post something on how to keep your Tea sets, accessories, and linen in perfect and ready condition. 

So in this series the breakdown will be as follows.

Week One: Tea Sets

In this week, I will show you how to clean your china and porcelain tea sets. I will also show you how to clean your tea mugs.  If you are a frequent tea drinker such as I am, you know that sometimes your favorite tea cup or mug can get a dark tea stain around the rim or the whole inside of the mug. But don’t worry, you will soon find out how to clean your tea cups and mugs  so that they are always sparkling.

Week Two: Tea Accessories

If you are anything like me and leave this cleaning only to the day before a big party, fear not.   I have some tried and true methods of cleaning silverware and storing it in such a way that it will be company ready, it only needs just a light dusting and it is good to go. I will also show you how to clean your kettles and tea stainers. Don’t want any bacteria going on these items to ruin the taste of your tea!

Week Three: Tea Linen

This is an area that is still need to grow and work on. I love anything white, but that can come with special challenges, especially when putting it on a table. I know I have spent days trying to get certain stains out of my favorite white tablecloth or runner only to have to do it again when I use it.  But we can grow together. Lace and white linens are delicate, but as I have said before, everyday is special and thus needs to have a certain sense of elegance. So, if you are like me and spend hours trying to get stains out, then this week will be for you. 

I hope you will enjoy these three weeks of learning how to keep all your tea sets, accessories, and linen clean. 

See you on Monday,