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Hello lovelies,
It has been a while. It feels good to get back on the website and post. I took the month of November off because I did something special and new.
And that something special and new was that I participated in Nanorimo. I did it primarily to finish a project that I have been working on for the past three years. Since I knew this would push me to finally finish a book, I decided to take both November and December off to write and relax. Most of you know that I work full time at a retail store, and the hours can be brutal, especially during the holidays.  So instead of killing myself, I allowed myself the time and space to create and accomplish what I knew I could.
And I am very excited to say that I won Nanorimo and now  feel so inspired. I never thought I could write a whole novel before. I wrote on an off as a child, but never finished any story that I mapped out. If I encountered any problems, I would just begin another story that I had in my head.

All of that said, I am very glad to be back and will be sticking to my regular posting schedule from now on.  I am excited for what 2019 will bring.  And I have some very special stuff planned for this website as well, so stay tuned.

Love you all, and have a very happy and healthy New Year,

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