Tea Reivews for March


A few posts back, I wrote about the teas that I was going to review. Well, after a month of testing, I am ready to review these teas with you.

Let’s start with the first tea.

Matcha Maker    

I love this tea. It doesn’t just have matcha tea in it, it also has a variety of other herbs such as orange, ginger, and licorice root. I have to say it tasted a lot like licorice tea.  Having the tea for breakfast, was a perfect way to start the morning. It wakes me up and made me eager to tackle everything I had to do.  A definite good way to start the morning.

Licorice Tea   

If love licorice, then this is the tea for you. The taste is very similar to hard licorice candy (not the twizzler licorice, but true dark black licorice.) The taste was very sweet just like the candy without any added sugar, which is a bonus. So if you are trying to get into shape for summer, this is the tea to have for dessert. It certainly satisfies my sweet tooth in the evenings.


Ginsing Green Tea

This tea is very similar to simple green tea but has more of a gingerly flavor.  I like this tea a bit better in the afternoon, as the ginseng gingerly flavor wakes me up and energies me to finish my work before calling it a day. So if you prefer a slightly spicier green tea, then this tea is for you.


Alright, those are the teas that I have been trying. Let me know any unusual teas that you want me to try, or the most tastiest or unusual tea that you have tried.

As always, have a great day,