On Finding Joy

Hello everyone,

TIMG_0782his week’s reflection is on finding joy. As I grow older, I realize that joy is not equal to happines
s. In fact, happiness is often felt when we do things for ourselves for personal gratification, while joy is what we feel when we are selfless and see the happiness of others.

I find that this is a fitting topic as we are in a fresh new year. Maybe some of your New Year’s resolutions is to be more joyful, or to find out how to find joy.

For myself,  I find joy by helping others.  I love helping my siblings and parents with their chores and preparing dinner.  Sometimes, giving yourself to others for their happiness and enjoyment you will find joy as well.  I know this is certainly true for myself.

Sometimes what life throws at us is not at all joyous, but finding what brings us joy will ultimately change the way you view life, and can even help others. After all, if you are happy, and express your happiness, people around you will be happy as well.

Here are a few tips for finding joy in your everyday life.

1. Find what makes you joyful. This might sound like common sense, but often many people do not know what makes them happy. I know for myself, I didn’t realize at first that helping people made my joyful. I just thought at the time I was fulfilling a need.  It was overtime that I found that it was because I was helping someone I was joyful.

2. Use your gifts.  We are most happy and joyous when we are using our gifts to fulfill a need. I have a gift of time management and cooking, and using those gifts to help my family with meal planning and cooking has made me very happy and joyful. Thus, utilize whatever gift you are blessed with, and you and the person you are helping with be happy and joyful.

3. Learn more. There is nothing more joyful than learning more about a topic you already love. Also being able to connect with other like minded people can be even more joyous.

I hope you find this reflection helpful and use the tips to find joy in everyday life.